How does Talnt.Team differ from a normal recruitment agency?
Talnt.Team is not a recruitment agency. We harness our recruitment experience and extensive resources to offer a bespoke in-house service when you require it. Working exclusively for your company and representing only your brand.

Why use Talnt.Team rather than an internal recruiter?
Talnt.Team offers the best of both internal and external recruiters. We focus purely on your brand and requirements, really getting to know the business – just like an internal recruiter. However we also have an extensive network and database already established, which we can leverage on your behalf.

Will I have dedicated resource working on my projects?
Yes. Depending on the volume and urgency of your requirements, Talnt.Team can offer everything from an out-sourced management service to a full time internal recruitment team.

Will Talnt.Team take care of the whole hiring process?
Yep. An end-to-end solution starting from Strategy and planning through to offer management, on-board and staff retention.

Can Talnt.Team help us with producing job descriptions and Marketing collateral?
Absolutely. We have over 20 years’ experience of recruitment and therefore 20 years worth of writing job descriptions! The good, the bad and the ugly. We’ll make sure that your brand is looking awesome from a talent attraction perspective.

How much cheaper is Talnt.Team than our current recruitment costs?
Of course exact figures will vary depending on your current setup (visit our CPH calculator for further info) but on average Talnt.Team has saved existing clients between 25%-40% on their annual recruitment costs.

How does the fee structure work?
It depends on your business. A gradual scaling of the business will involve an all inclusive monthly fee. A pop-up, project based solution will be fully defined and agreed upon prior to the start, with the length and resource outlined. 50% of payment will then be due to begin the project, with the second 50% payable upon completion.