Rarely has a kettle boiled in the Norton Leigh office without a discussion starting around a new business idea or potential way of working. More often than not they’ve been hare-brained schemes, rightly dismissed and forgotten about before we’ve even finished our coffees. However, every so often an idea breaks through and affects the way we approach a project, a client brief, or a difficult situation. Nothing to write home about – certainly nothing to write a blog post about – but worthwhile in its own small way. Over the years these changes have made us better, more productive and more valuable to our clients.

But what about becoming the new “Uber of Recruitment”…

In reality, seldom are there quantum leaps to be made, or technological advancements which bring wholesale change to an industry. Far more common is the considered and incremental acquisition of knowledge which, when looked back upon, has fundamentally changed your approach.

That is what Talnt.Team represents. That is what all of the small tweaks and changes have led us to. Not an ill-thought-out plunge into the unknown, but rather the product of 15+ years’ listening, learning and responding to what’s around us.

The recruitment industry has its detractors; five minutes spent on your Linkedin feed will tell you that. Whether or not the criticism is always fair, perception is reality. There is clearly a disconnect between companies, potential employees and the third parties making the introductions. The recruitment industry has to take at least its share of the blame and work harder to improve and regulate as a collective.

But on a more basic level we need to look at how these three parties interact, what the frustrations are and how they can be remedied.

Talnt.Team offers an end-to-end recruitment solution based on-site, and working exclusively for, one company. The company gains access to our extensive network of contacts, advertising and candidate search functions and recruitment expertise. We can still operate as a third party if preferred, or integrate fully as a ‘white label’ solution. With this approach we become as close to an internal recruitment team as possible, but one that is only brought on board when it’s specifically needed. From a candidate perspective, Talnt.Team delivers all the brand knowledge and insight of an internal recruiter but can also give wider industry context and maintain a degree of impartiality. We only work on projects aligned to our expertise and so can discuss in depth the requirements and opportunities of any particular role.

Talnt.Team offers a simple, efficient and reliable way to hire individuals and teams. This transition has been an organic one for us. In truth, this is the way have been working with many of our clients for some time. Now it has a name and is ready to take on a life of its own.

To find out more about the offering and the thinking behind it, give us a call. Or better yet, drop in for a coffee. The Kettle’s always on…



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